Herbal Medicine Safety Information

Every legitimate herbal medicine will have a THR or a PL number on the pack given by the MHRA (Medicines Regulatory Agency) 

This shows that it complies with their manufacturing and safety requirements. This includes ensuring:

  • The correct identification of all plant species and assessment of their active ingredient strength and content
  • GMP standards of manufacturing ~ the same stringent standards as a pharmaceutical drug
  • Controlled warehousing and complete traceability
  • Pharmacovigilance ~ the monitoring of all new safety information, any reported side effects and new scientific research.
  • Providing the public with a leaflet for each product that includes all the information that you might need. For example, information about conditions or drugs that mean a herbal medicine is not suitable, any possible side effects, and so on.

Although we are a small, independent company we operate to the same standards as any large pharmaceutical company. It was an investment we made to ensure that our remedies continue to be available to you for at least another 150 years, and to ensure that you, our customer, can fully trust in the quality and safety of our herbal medicines.

Summaries of Product Characteristics (SPC)

Each licensed herbal medicine has an SPC which contains a summary of all the information we know about each medicinal herbal product sold. Please see them below. If one is missing, do let us know as we are gradually adding them all to this website.

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