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Kate Swaine


Kate is a BANT registered Nutritionist who owns and runs the Edinburgh Clinic of Nutrition. She trained for three and a half years at Patrick Holford's renowned Institute of Optimum Nutrition in London and is currently studying with The Institute of Functional Medicine in the US.

Nutritional Therapy

About Kate

Kate has become a specialist in digestive disorders, hormone balance and is also a Metabolic Balance Weight Loss Coach.

Nutritional Therapy is a personalised, evidence-based way of improving your health by making dietary changes. It is an integral part of Functional Medicine, which aims to find the root causes of an individual’s health symptoms and applies a nutrition-based plan of action to support the body’s natural healing process.

Nutritional Therapy can help health issues such as:

• digestive problems

• low energy

• food intolerances

• weight management

• inflammatory disorders

• hormone-related problems

During a consultation Kate will:

+ Consider your individual case history

+ Create a dietary plan to suit your lifestyle and health needs

+ Provide meal ideas and recipes

+ May offer supplement recommendations

+ Can advise on Functional Medicine testing


This is one of the core principles of a Functional Medicine approach to healthcare.

Kate uses a wide array of tests from leading medical laboratories in UK and US, including:

• stool analysis (microbiome assessment)

• SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth)

• stress hormones (cortisol and DHEA)

• full thyroid screen

• genetic profiling

• nutrient levels

• oxidative stress

• vitamin and mineral status

• menstrual cycle hormones testing

• food intolerances/allergies


Kate has run clinics in London and Edinburgh, and frequently presents at both corporate and community level. Topics can be tailored to your needs, examples include:

+ energy boosting lunches

+ achieving a healthy weight

+ stress and sleep management

+ cardiovascular health

+ healthy ageing

+ optimising brain power

“Kate has been a great help in educating me in how I can make a real difference to my health through my diet. I’m feeling such a greater sense of well-being and highly recommend her.”
Caroline, Edinburgh


Kate coaches individual Metabolic Balance® programmes, helping many clients to achieve their weight loss goals.

What is it?

Metabolic Balance® is a bespoke wellbeing and weight loss programme developed by doctors and nutritionists in Germany.

How is it different from other diet programmes?

Your unique food plan is based on 3 meals a day and is created according to the results of a detailed blood chemistry, your health aims and dietary preferences. It is hormone balancing and resets your metabolism.

How long does it last?

3 months but expect to feel so good about the way you eat that you’ll want to make permanent changes.

What does the course cost include?

+ 6 sessions to coach and guide you through your programme

+ 2 in-depth blood tests at the beginning and end

+ recipes for your food plan

+ email contact with Kate throughout the course

Kate practices from Napiers Edinburgh Clinic

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