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Dean Harley


Dean is a Naturopathic Practitioner experienced in Nutrition and Herbal Medicine. With interests in nerve problems, cardiovascular health, digestive disorders as well as male and female reproductive system wellbeing.

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About Dean

Dean graduated with honours in Naturopathy as a Doctor of Natural Medicine and is registered with the Association of Naturopathic Practitioners, ANP. With experiences travelling around the world, Dean has a wealth of experience in different health practices, cultures, languages and tropical plants. Throughout a portion of his time overseas, Dean has worked alongside medical doctors and nurses in the healthcare of deprived persons, with great focus on rehabilitation from stroke and paralysis.


Everyone's vital energy has a tendency to shift from time to time with exposure to certain elements, the environment and emotions. The speed and accuracy to which wellness and balance can be achieved will depend heavily on the flexibility and experience of the practitioner, alongside your determination to get better and the responsiveness of your system.

Everyone is unique, each with their own combination of imbalances and strengths. And with a multitude of compounds and approaches to use, my goal is to develop and apply the most appropriate combination that will be best suited for your wellbeing.


For ages 17 and above (I can accommodate younger persons on a case to case basis)

Cardiovascular problems
Trigeminal Neuralgia support
Support for people rehabilitating from injury, typically neurological
Eye health
Nerve health and support
Digestive issues and support
Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)
Immune system support
Men's health, reproductive system
Women's health, general reproductive health
General health issues are also welcome to be tackled

Dean practices remotely from Napiers Edinburgh Clinic via Video Consultation only.

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