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Dried Medicinal Herbs

All of the items our customers love the most, from beautifully fragranced creams to immune-boosting tinctures.

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Marshmallow Root (Althaea officinalis) - Napiers

BOTANICAL NAME Althaea officinalis radix COMMON NAMES Marshmallow Root FAMILY Malvaceae Traditionally used to support...

Marigold Flower Petals (Calendula officinalis) - Napiers

BOTANICAL NAME Calendula officinalis COMMON NAMES Calendula, Marigold, Pot Marigold, Ruddles, Scotch Marigold FAMILY ...

Burdock Root (Arctium lappa) - Napiers
Dried Herbs

BOTANICAL NAME Arctium lappa COMMON NAMES Greater Burdock, Edible Burdock, Beggar's Buttons, Lappa FAMILY Compositae ...

Sweet Wormwood Herb (Artemisia annua) - Napiers

BOTANICAL NAME Artemisia annua COMMON NAMES Sweet Wormwood, Sweet Annie FAMILY Compositae (Asteraceae) Native to temp...

Hawthorn Leaf & Flowers (Crataegus laevigata) - Napiers
Dried Herbs

BOTANICAL NAME Crataegus laevigata (monogyna) fol & flos COMMON NAMES Hawthorn Leaf & Flowers, Bread & Ch...

Taraxacum Officinale Dandelion Root - Napiers

BOTANICAL NAME Taraxacum officinale COMMON NAMES Dandelion Root FAMILY Asteraceae Common to most households gardens ...

Liquorice Root (Glycyrrhiza glabra) - Napiers

BOTANICAL NAME Glycyrrhiza glabra COMMON NAMES Liquorice Root, Licorice Root FAMILY Fabaceae (Leguminosae) This peren...

Verbascum Thapsus Mullein Leaf - Napiers

BOTANICAL NAME Verbascum thapsus fol COMMON NAMES Mullein Leaf FAMILY Scrophulariaceae Traditionally valued as a reme...

Horsetail Herb (Equisetum arvense) - Napiers

BOTANICAL NAME Equisetum arvense COMMON NAMES Horsetail, Field Horsetail, Mare's tail FAMILY Equisetaceae It is thoug...

Peppermint Leaf (Mentha piperita) - Napiers

BOTANICAL NAME Mentha piperita COMMON NAMES Peppermint, Peppermint Leaf FAMILY Lamiaceae A member of the mint family ...

Lemon Balm Leaf (Melissa officinalis) - Napiers

BOTANICAL NAME Melissa officinalis COMMON NAMES Lemon Balm, Melissa, Balm, Baum FAMILY Lamiaceae (Labiatae) Balm is a...

Mugwort Herb (Artemisia vulgaris) - Napiers

BOTANICAL NAME Artemisia vulgaris COMMON NAMES Mugwort, Common Wormwood, Felon herb, Chrysanthemum Weed, Wild Wormwoo...


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