For patients registered at the Napiers Bathgate clinic you may reorder your prescription here.

Update from 01/11/21: Liquid Prescription Tincture Blends can no longer be shipped from the UK to the EU due to restrictions at customs. If you are an EU patient and would like to order this type of prescription, please visit our new website.

Should you need any help with ordering your prescription, please call 0131 225 5542 or email

If you need to book a follow up consultation with your practitioner, please contact Napiers Bathgate Clinic on 01506 353 786 (option 1).

Please note that prescriptions by herbalists at the Napiers Edinburgh clinic and the Napiers Glasgow clinic cannot be ordered here and you should contact your clinic or practitioner directly about repeat prescriptions.

Please note we require a minimum of 48 hours notice outwith estimated shipping times when ordering a repeat prescription. This allows us to request permission from your herbalist to issue the repeat (depending on your individual needs, a review appointment may be more appropriate first if your condition requires monitoring), make sure there aren't any changes necessary or any delays expected due to herb availability.

We strive to make up and send out all prescription orders as soon as possible, however from time to time there can be unexpected delays and we appreciate your patience and understanding.