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Prescription Neuro Protect 350mg Capsules

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Prescription FAQs

Your herbalist may create a bespoke blend of herbs either as a tincture or tea after your consultation. Your herbalist should give you the names of your mixes which need to be submitted through the form above. Once you have paid for the items our team will get to dispensing them. Prescriptions are usually dispensed within 1 to 3 working days but if there are issues with the prescriptions, there may be some delays.
To get a herbal prescription dispensed, you will need to have a prescription authorised by a qualified herbalist after a consultation.
If you have any health-related questions or questions about the contents or efficacy of your prescription, contact your herbalist who will be able to assist you. For questions about how to order or find out more about prescriptions contact us.
If your health situation or treatment changes after a consultation, we advise you speak to your herbalist to ensure it is suitable to take alongside other treatments. Your herbalist may also recommend supplements as part of your herbal treatment.
We strive to ensure no items are out of stock but in the event that they are, we will endeavour to get them back in stock as soon as possible. Alternatives may be recommended in place of any out of stock items by your herbalist.
Yes you are able to make repeat prescriptions yourself. Complete the form with the Blend Name, Herbalist Name, Patient Name, Clinic Name & add to basket & checkout. If you need multiple items of the same product type (for example, your herbalist has recommended 2 different tincture blends), you will need to repeat the process for each individual blend.
Yes, carer's and/or responsible persons can order on behalf of someone else. To do this, enter the patient's name that you are ordering on behalf of when completing the form.
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