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Jill McLaggan

Advanced Clinical Massage Therapist

Jill is a fully qualified and insured Advanced Clinical Massage Therapist offering Outcome Based Treatments

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About Jill

Jill is a fully qualified and insured Advanced Clinical Massage Therapist offering Outcome Based Treatments, the aims of which are to:

reduce physical pain & increase range of movement
reduce levels of stress and/or anxiety
thereby improving the patients' quality of life.

She is an expert in the treatment of chronic (i.e.long-term) pain, with an excellent understanding of the different stages of pain and a sound knowledge of a great many common pathologies. Techniques that may be used in treatment include: soft tissue and myofascial release; deep tissue massage; stretching; craniosacral therapy; Trigger Point work, dry needling, self-care & guidance.

Every patient is unique, therefore every treatment and treatment plan is also unique.

Treatments are tailored to the individual's needs, taking full account of their emotional needs, as well as the physical requirements.

It is the patients' aim that will determine the type of treatment and the most effective techniques to employ, to achieve the desired outcome.

Commonly, a combination of techniques is most effective for pain conditions, however the patient can also choose to have a full session of, for example, massage or craniosacral therapy.

Common conditions treated include, 'frozen' shoulder, low back pain, headaches, RSIs, anxiety, unexplained pain.

Jill has been working to improve people's health for over 25 years, initially as a fitness instructor and personal trainer then as a Physical therapist.

As well as continually adding to her portfolio of qualifications, in 2014 she upgraded her original sports massage qualification, achieving distinction in the Advanced Clinical Massage Certificate, awarded by the Jing Institute of Massage Training, Brighton.

In addition to In-Clinic appointments, Jill also offers online consultations, meaning that you can access advice wherever you are in the world.

These Online consultations are available for help and support for physical pain issues for eg. Your back spasms whilst on holiday and you can’t quite remember what the best thing to do is.

Most recent additions to her Online appointments, include MenoMateTM and Advocate appointments.

During these appointments, support and guidance are given to help the patient advocate for themselves during medical appointments.

MenoMateTM appointments for those going through the menopausal transition and Advocate appointments are for all other issues.

My passion is educating the patient; my job satisfaction is reducing their pain
Jill practices from Napiers Edinburgh Clinic.

For more information you can visit her website here

To book an appointment, you can do so here

Jill is registered on the C.N.H.C. (Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council) an independent register of UK based complementary healthcare practitioners, set up by the Government to protect the public.

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