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Ania Kwiatkowska

Ania is a face massage therapist. I also work as a fitness instructor teaching yoga and other disciplines. I studied Public Health and Health Promotion in Poland and HND Sports Coaching course at Dundee College.

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About Ania

Sport has been always an integral part of my life, but as time went on, I realized how important is to keep the mind in a good condition too. I am self-employed, founder of “Mind and Body Equilibrium”, and I run mind and body classes across West Lothian.

Nowadays, people care about their bodies and minds even more than before. We have a choice how we are going to look after ourselves. I decided to undergo a “Natural Lift Facial Massage” course because I found this type of massage very beneficial for my mind and body. I started to see amazing results very quickly when doing it for myself. Because of this I decided to share this technique with other people.

This treatment is a natural way to reverse many adverse effects that have already appeared to your skin. It can also delay or prevent further damage in the future. Facial rejuvenation proves that you do not need cosmetic surgery or fillers to look young. It confirms that there is no need to use any of the high-priced cosmetics to look younger. I learnt a lot from this course and from my own practice. Seeing other people happy after the treatment is very rewarding for me.

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