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Sleep, Stress & Mood

All of the items our customers love the most, from beautifully fragranced creams to immune-boosting tinctures.

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Napiers Magnesium Muscle & Sleep Cream

Nourish your sleep and body with Napiers Muscle and Sleep Magnesium cream. The majority of the population in the UK a...

Napiers Goodnight Blend - Napiers

A herbal food supplement designed to help deal with the stresses of daily life and encourage sleep when taken as dire...

Napiers Seagreens® Organic Hebridean Kelp Capsules

Full of natural vitamins, minerals & essential micronutrients.

90 Capsules
Napiers Sleep Spray

Good sleep is vital for good health. This calming sleep spray contains essential oils to soothe you into an uninterru...

Baba West Snuffle Pillow Mist

A gentle yet effective mix of essential oils with anti-viral and antibacterial properties.Containing natural anti-inf...

Napiers Stress Blend - Napiers

A herbal food supplement to support you during times of stress. Can be taken in accompaniment with herbal teas. Napi...

Napiers Rosy Calm Herbal Tea Blend - Napiers

A Delicious Herbal Tea Blend for Stressful Days. When life is stressful and hectic, try our refreshing yet calming te...

Napiers Sweet Sleeps Tea - Napiers

A Delicious Herbal Tea formulated by Herbalists to Calm the Mind and Relax, Supporting a Restful Night's Sleep. This ...

Napiers Rose Floral Water - Napiers

A Refreshing Rose Water Spritz for the Face and Body. A Naturally Distilled Rose Hydrosol, Ideal as a Skin Purifying ...

Napiers Valerian & Chamomile Blend - Napiers

A Herbal Food Supplement to Support you in Stressful Times. Extracts such as tinctures or essences offer a convenient...

Probio7 Advanced Capsules - Napiers

Probio7 Advanced is a high quality friendly bacteria supplement for those looking to support their gut microbiome. Ea...

30 Capsules
Napiers Chamomile Flower Tea - Napiers

A Delicate Tea made from Chamomile Flowers. Chamomile has been used for centuries to soothe and calm. Its delicate, ...

100g Box
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