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Arthritis and exercise

by Dee Atkinson, MNIMH

Q:   I suffer from arthritis in my hands and knees, but I really want to start exercising. Is there any activity I could try that wouldn’t aggravate my condition?

Dee says:

I am a great fan of yoga. Many of my patients who have back or joint problems find that yoga is a gentle way of keeping supple. Trained Yoga teachers are able to work on a programme to suit your needs, so make sure that you discuss your arthritis before you start your class.

Arthritis is a chronic health problem and it is always a question of management, working on a specific programme of exercise, herbs and supplements to support your specific problems. 

Before you start doing any exercise programme, make sure that you are doing everything you can to reduce the symptoms. Avoid eating oranges, grapefruit, plums, strawberries, raspberries, rhubarb, coffee and shellfish. These foods are acid forming and can make any arthritic problem worse. 

Drink Nettle Leaf Tea instead of coffee and eat plenty of cleansing foods such as celery and grapes. Krill Oilis a super source of omega 3 and naturally contains concentrated levels of antioxidants, which will help to reduce joint inflammation and maintain joint health. 

Swimming or water aerobics is another form of exercise that some arthritis suffers find beneficial. Whatever you do, you need to start gently and work out what your limitations are. If the arthritis is in an active inflammatory phase I would suggest that you consult a herbalists who would blend a formula together to suit your specific problems. Napiers Joint Ability Herbal Remedy is specific for easing joint problems.

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