Tai Chi is effective in treating the symptoms of osteoarthritis

Tai Chi has definite benefits in helping to control the pain of arthritis. 

Knee osteoarthritis is an increasing problem in elderly people resulting in pain, functional limitation, disability, reduced quality of life and substantial health care costs. A randomised controlled trial was carried out in 2009 to evaluate the effectiveness of Tai Chi in the treatment of knee osteoarthritis symptoms. 

Tai Chi is a traditional Chinese mind-body exercise that enhances balance, strength, flexibility and self-efficacy, and reduces pain, depression and anxiety in a wide variety of patients with chronic conditions. (Tai Chi is very similar to Qigong.)

It was found, in a clinical trial, that Tai Chi reduces pain and improves physical function, self-efficacy, depression and health-related quality of life for sufferers of osteoarthritis of the knee.

Click here to view the full report by Chenchen Wang, MD, MSc, Christopher H. Schmid, PhD, Patricia L. Hibberd, MD, PhD, Robert Kalish, MD, Ronenn Roubenoff, MD, MHS, Ramel Rones, BS, and Timothy McAlindon, MD, MPH.