Napiers Menopause Self-Care Kit

By Napiers


The shift in hormones during the menopause can be accompanied by all kinds of changes for body and mind. Our Menopause Self-care Kit contains products selected by our expert herbalists to soothe and balance during this period.

Napiers Wild Yam Skin Cream - Containing Wild Yam (Dioscorea villosa) and Marigold (Calendula officinalis) to rebalance mature skin that has become dry, papery and lacking in moisture.

Napiers Midlife Herbal Tea Blend - Combining the cooling action and plant oestrogens of sage with the hormone balancing vitex agnus-castus, this tasty tea helps you keep cool, calm and collected on even the most fraught days.

Napiers Seven Herb Cream – A soothing and calming cream formulated specifically for delicate intimate areas. Containing a mix of herbs that help to cool and restore moisture.

A trust kept since 1860

Napiers the Herbalists was founded by Duncan Napier, a Victorian botanist and the most famous herbalist in Scotland.