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Winter Health

All of the items our customers love the most, from beautifully fragranced creams to immune-boosting tinctures.

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Napiers Capsicum & Ginger Warming Cream

Ease and relax your hardworking joints and muscles. Napiers warming cream is used to comfort muscles, joints, backs a...

Napiers Eyebright Cream

A Cooling, Soothing, Calming Eye Cream for Itchy and Puffy Eyes. Cooling, refreshing, and soothing to puffy, irrit...

Napiers Phytologic Happy Gut Capsules - Napiers

A complete blend of friendly bacteria, vitamin D, digestive enzymes & prebiotic fibres

60 Capsules
Napiers Seagreens® Organic Hebridean Kelp Capsules

Full of natural vitamins, minerals & essential micronutrients.

90 Capsules
Napiers Wild Elderberry Elixir - Napiers

A concentrated elderberry, bramble and rosehip syrup providing a good source of Vitamin C, enhanced with sustainably ...

Napiers Sinus Rub Cream

An Old Heritage Herbal Skin Cream for those Experiencing Sinus Congestion. Herbal nasal skin remedy Massage cream to...

Napiers Calendula Flower Skin Cream - Napiers

A Pure, Simple, Natural Cream to Renew and Repair your Skin. If your skin is dry, causing irritation and soreness, th...

Echinacea Tincture (Echinacea angustifolia) - Napiers

BOTANICAL NAME Echinacea angustifolia COMMON NAMES Echinacea Root, Coneflower FAMILY Asteraceae A herbal food supplem...

Napiers Frankincense Nourish Night Cream - Napiers

A regenerative night cream for mature skin, enriched with herbal actives for younger looking skin. An original Napier...

Napiers Rosy Rose Lip Balm

A 100% natural moisturising lip balm to protect and condition your lips. Made with natural herbs infused in pure vege...

Napiers Cryptolepis Root 475mg - 180 Capsules - Napiers

BOTANICAL NAME Cryptolepis sanguinolenta COMMON NAMES Cryptolepis Root, Ghanaian Quinine FAMILY Apocynaceae A herb...

Allicin Max Garlic - Napiers

Allicin Max is the only Supplement to contain 100% Allicin, the Medicinal Compound found within Garlic Extract. Alli...

30 Capsules

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