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Organic Lions Mane Chocolate Bar by Radek's & Bristol Fungarium

A one-of-a-kind organic chocolate bar lovinhgly made with ethically sourced cocoa beans grown by farmers who prioriti...

Bristol Fungarium Organic Lions Mane Tincture 50ml

This organic Lions Mane tincture is grown and made in the UK by Bristol Fungarium. Bristol Fungarium are the only org...

MycoNutri Organic Lion's Mane Capsules

BOTANICAL NAME Hericium erinaceus COMMON NAMES Lion's Mane Mushroom, Yamabushitake, Hou Tou Gu FAMILY HericiaceaeG...

Cordyceps Mushroom Tincture (Cordyceps militaris) - Napiers

A herbal food supplement BOTANICAL NAME Cordyceps militaris COMMON NAMES Cordyceps FAMILY CordycipitaceaeExtracts suc...

Reishi Tincture (Ganoderma lucidum) - Napiers

BOTANICAL NAME Ganoderma lucidum COMMON NAMES Reishi Mushroom, Ling Zhi FAMILY PolyporaceaeA herbal food supplement, ...


Discover the power of nature with Multishroom, a potent blend of premium medicinal mushrooms of the highest grade and...

Bristol Fungarium Organic Reishi Tincture 50ml

We're excited to bring you the UK-grown organic Reishi tincture, extracted with care by Bristol Fungarium in their st...

MycoNutri Organic IS Complex Capsules

Food Supplement Mushrooms with cordyceps, green tea and vitamin C MycoNutri Organic IS Complex combines organic extra...

Bristol Fungarium Organic Turkey Tail (Wild Foraged) Tincture 50ml

Bristol Fungarium's Organic Turkey Tail is UK-grown & wild-harvested to ensure only the highest quality mushroom ...

MycoNutri Organic Reishi Capsules

Food Supplement Ganoderma lucidum Reishi – Ling Zhi - Yeong Ji - Yung Gee - Linh Chi Revered by emperors and sages al...

60 Capsules
Organic Lions Mane Cacao Drink by Radek's & Bristol Fungarium

Discover the delightful Lions Mane Cacao Drink - a heavenly hot chocolate that will uplift your senses and nourish yo...

Lion's Mane Glycerite (Hericium erinaceus) - Napiers

A herbal food supplement BOTANICAL NAME Hericium erinaceus COMMON NAMES Lion's Mane Mushroom FAMILY Hericiaceae Ext...

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