Lifting the Winter Spirit

by Kate Roddick

A Guide to Vitality and Energy Renewal

Who wouldn’t love to feel brighter, clear-headed, calm and focused throughout these cold days? Simplicity is the key to our recovery and future well being according to Holistic Healing Traditions, especially within the Tibetan Healing and Ayurvedic Traditions. 

Here are some useful Winter Vitality Tips:

Make a positive start!Wake up gently, be aware of the body before taking a stretch, perhaps a power shower, a spot of Chi Kung exercise. And beyond all else a positive thought. Like feeling grateful , with the cup half full rather than half empty . ‘Today is a new day and I will do my best’ As simple as that ! 

Greet the day with a smile – however hard the day ahead may appear. 

Be mindful of your breathing. Put a sticker on your desktop with the words, Breathe (or B) on it, as a reminder. 

Breakfast:Try to eat a warm nourishing breakfast. Take food and drinks out of the fridge as soon as you are able, so that by the time you do have breakfast, no foods are too cold. Cold foods and drink can produce gas and can be the cause of long term digestive problems. 

Herbs and Minerals:It has been proved that 64% of adult women are low on iodine, which leads to an underpowered metabolic rate and low thyroid activity. Taking Napiers Organic Hebridean Seagreenssupplement (Seaweed) has helped so many of our customers. They say they feel they so much more energy while taking it. 

Lunch:Sandwiches are simply not enough! Take something warming, a soup, and then eat a sandwich, have a hot drink, take to the office a nutritious hot meal . Oat cakes and humous for the afternoon snack. Drink an concoction of ginger to warm the digestion. Sitting down and eating slowly makes lunch much more of a pleasure. 

Afternoon:If you feel depleted mid afternoon, you may need to STOP, have a stretch, take a real break, go for a walk.Ten minutes in the fresh air will do the trick and then take a sweet tea, a herbal hot drink. Perhaps eat some fruit. 

Winding down work:Make a list of what to do tomorrow, so that you manage to get the best work/home balance. Then you can let go and enjoy the treats (which you have pre- planned!) 

Exercise:Find a form of exercise you actively enjoy and you are onto a winner. Exercise not only tones your body, it helps the mind. In Ayurveda and Tibetan Healthcare, there are three different types of constitution, and depending on which Type you are, Vata, Pitta Khapha - then the exercise choice varies. 

For example if you are a fiery competitive type, then the sport to balance this, is something like cycling, swimming, skiing , golf , also yoga, tai chi and chi kung. 

If an airy talkative type, then the ideal sports to balance this are low–impact jogging, walking, hiking, cycling and swimming. 

However, if you usually have a heavier frame than the other two and move and speak more slowly you are an Kapha type. Then for this type, you need speeding up, enlivening, so sports that require endurance such as tennis, rowing, running and aerobics are excellent for this Kapha Type. 

Meditation and Relaxation Therapy is however is beneficial for everyone. 

Kate Roddick practices at Napiers Clinics. She practises Tibetan Healthcare, Tibetan Massage, Weight Reduction Planning, Life Skills Coaching, Relaxation Therapy and a range of other therapies. Call for an appointment.