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As we enter the summer months, the concerns we hear about from customers generally shift towards allergies such as hayfever. Learn more here.


Dietary Advice for Summer Health

For chronic sinus problems or the catarrh that accompanies hay fever, it is important to avoid all mucus forming foods in the diet, the main culprits being dairy products.  Cut dairy products, such as milk and cheese, out of your diet (sheep or goat's milk produce is less mucous forming than cow's milk) and increase the amount of garlic and onions that you eat. Garlic capsules or tablets are often a more popular option!

Ginger is a wonderful remedy for travel sickness (and also morning sickness). It is no coincidence that traditional 'ship's biscuits' were made of ginger. Ginger tea (flavoured with honey and lemon) can be taken in a flask. Or it can be bought as a tincture or capsules.

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