We have found that the treatment of this problem is best tackled on a number of different levels. The person's diet needs to be looked at, with advice on avoiding junk food, sweets, crisps and other processed foods. Instead they should concentrate on eating plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, and increasing the amount of water drunk.

We then use herbs internally to boost the immune system, and encourage the elimination of toxins whilst at the same time prescribing a strict skin care routine.

The main herb of choice is echinacea, a potent immune stimulant. We specifically use Echinacea angustifolia and not E. purpurea or E. pallida, as Echinacea angustifolia root has a long history of use in treating skin problems and deep seated infections. We stock a high quality Echinacea tincture that is perfect for this. Traditionally, in the clinic this was combined with 'Napiers Blood Purifying Tonic', an historic formula developed by Duncan Napier in the 1860s. This formula contains over thirty different herbs and used to be produced by hand on our premises using traditional methods. Our supplement Napiers Skin Detox Blend contains some of these herbs.

The herbal tea that we recommend is a root-based sarsaparilla, yellow dock and burdock combo called Clear Skin Tea. This combines well with echinacea.

The topical treatment of skin problems is very important; many people with skin problems try every product on the market which can often over-stress and dry out the skin. We have formulated a range of skin care products for problem skin. Napiers Calendula Flower Cream is also helpful if the skin has become very sensitive as well.

Top Tip: Particularly nasty boils can be dabbed with our Marigold Compound