Integrative Medicine

Integrative medicine is the field of health that puts the importance and individuality of the patient at the centre of the relationship between patient and practitioner. Focussing on the person, the practitioner uses a variety of therapeutic approaches to promote healing and the restoration of good health.

For example, a medical herbalist could liaise closely with a patient's oncologist to support someone with cancer. A general practitioner might also recommend acupuncture or homeopathic treatment but equally would know when a chemical drug approach is best for the patient. A nutritional therapist might suggest counselling or hypnotherapy where a patient's digestive health is affected by stress as well as diet. All NIMH-registered medical herbalists have been taught about herbal safety and drug interactions. 

Napiers has been an early pioneer of integrative medicine in Scotland. The Edinburgh team, led by medical herbalist Dee Atkinson with 25 years of practice also includes the services of family doctor, GP Dr Andrea Guenther. Here, the advantage of a 50 minute consultation with your doctor means that a broader approach can often be discussed and devised as part of your treatment plan than an NHS GP is able to provide in a 5-10 minute appointment. Napiers Edinburgh clinic also has a phlebotomy service with experienced former nurse Christine Sproull who also practices podiatry and the Bowen technique. In Glasgow, medical herbalist Nikki Biddiss is also a trained stress counsellor and qualified in aromatherapy massage while Monica Wilde researches drug-herb interactions and herbal safety. Many of our other practitioners have a multi-disciplinary practice and within each clinic, doctor and practitioners work together to ensure the best for each patient.

If you would like to discuss a holistic approach to your health, or your current or planned treatment, please get in touch by phoning our clinics

Napiers Edinburgh 0131 225 5542

Napiers Glasgow 0141 339 5859

For further information about Napiers integrative medicine approach please contact


Monica Wilde MSc MAIHM, Research


Dee Atkinson MNIMH


Nikki Biddiss MNIMH

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