Case Study



Mr N Smith


Falkirk, Scotland

Age group

60 +

How long have you been taking the capsules?

18 months

Date 6 July 2014

Why did you start taking them (tiredness/weight gain/etc)?

I was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid just over 6 years ago. The doctor didn’t tell me why I had developed this, I just put it down to getting older. I was just put on levothyroxine. At first I was on 75 mcg once a day but over the years the dose steadily increased to 175 mcg a day although I still felt tired and ‘not right’. Eighteen months ago I spoke to a Napiers’ herbalist and she explained that although the drug replaced the missing thyroid hormones, it didn’t supply the thyroid gland with iodine and that taking seaweed might help. I spoke to my doctor about this who didn’t mind me trying. I started taking one Napiers Hebridean Kelp Capsule a day and on the herbalist’s advice, booked a thyroid test for one month’s time.

How has the supplement improved your health or quality of life?

After one month of taking one seaweed capsule a day, my blood tests showed an improvement and the doctor, for the first time in 6 years reduced my dose of levothyroxine instead of increasing it! I now take 125 mcg of levothyroxine and one 500mg Napiers Hebridean Kelp Capsule a day. I feel much better and have a lot more energy. I get far less tired during the day and am happier that my thyroid seems to have stabilized as, unlike before, there have been no increases in dosage for 18 months. I’m due another test next month, so perhaps it will have improved further. I am just sorry that I did not know about iodine insufficiency years ago as if I had taken seaweed all my life, my underactive thyroid may never have developed!

What do you think about the product?

I like the product. It’s really good quality. With it coming from the sea its good to know it’s organic and not contaminated with any sewage! It’s easy to take with no aftertaste and its natural so I don’t worry about side effects. It’s much easier than putting seaweed on my food as I live inland and the wee packets in the shops are quite pricey.

Note from Napiers

For any one thinking of taking seaweed while on medication please refer to the Cautions Section on our website and also our Case Note on taking Napiers Seagreens while taking levothyroxine.