Cheeky Charcoal Children's Bamboo Toothbrush 1 pcs

By F.E.T.E


The ideal eco-conscious alternative to a plastic toothbrush, this smooth natural Bamboo Toothbrush is biodegradable, home compostable and has recyclable bristles that are infused with charcoal. Perfect for little teeth and the environment too!

Made from sustainably sourced Bamboo which is inherently anti-microbial, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial, each toothbrush is supplied in plastic-free, biodegradable packaging that is zero waste and helps further reduce plastic pollution.

The toothbrush handle can biodegrade and be put into the home or commercial compost but the bristles need to be pulled out and thrown away in your general waste or recycled at a facility that recycles nylon.


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