Overcoming Obstacles

Patricia Clarke Dip. Nat. Nut.and
Angela MacRitchie Dip. Nat. Nut.

Detoxing isn’t always easy. It can brighten your skin and make you feel lighter, but along the way, as your body starts ridding itself of all those toxins we talked about, it can bring a few side effects along with it. As Monica said, being prepared is key, so let’s look at these side effects one by one and think about how we can overcome them.

Headaches can be common when you remove caffeine, sugar and processed foods from your diet. Cutting down gradually should help as should and drinking plenty of fresh filtered water and getting out for some gentle exercise in the fresh air. Remember that headaches will generally only last a few days.

You might get a furry tongue or experience bad breath as your digestive system rebalances. Brush your tongue with your toothbrush or invest in a special tongue scraper. Chew some fresh parsley to freshen your breath.

Your skin is sometimes referred to as your ‘third kidney’. So, rashes and spots appearing on your skin might actually indicate that your body is clearing out. Don’t be tempted to use commercial products or medications on your skin. Use gentle, natural products to cleanse your skin.

Tiredness and fatigue may be an issue for some. Experiencing low energy is your body’s way of telling you to rest – this is when it repairs itself – so listen to your body and rest up as much as possible.

If you are craving sugar use a little organic fruit to satisfy the craving. Herbal tea with liquorice in it is a great way to taste a little sweetness without raising your blood sugar levels.

Detoxing with friends and family can help with your motivation. If you feel your motivation taking a dip, try planning a treat for yourself to look forward to. A massage is a perfect treat to relax and unwind, and it has the added bonus of supporting your natural detox process.

Remember sometimes you might feel a bit worse before you feel better. Stick with it and be prepared to overcome any obstacles you might face.