Lifestyle advice for Joints and Muscles

It is so important to keep moving! You may find that it is no longer possible to do some physical activities like running for example. But this should not mean giving up exercise completely. Activities that exercise the core muscles like swimming are really important in keeping you mobile and active.

We recommend that, if you haven't already started, that all people aged 50 plus should do daily exercises that stretch the muscles and keep you supple. Pilates, yoga, Qigong and Tai Chi are ideal. We find in the clinic, that older people who exercise and look after themselves have far less health problems and a better quality of life in their mature years.

Tai Chi  has also been proven in clinical trials to reduce joint pain.

Many people find they are most stiff first thing in the morning. Using an aromatherapy warming oil or warming cream, massaged into the affected parts can help to get the circulation going for the day and ease your joints and muscles into action.