Lifestyle advice for Digestive Problems

Stress and anxiety

Stress plays a big part in digestive conditions as stress often goes 'straight to the stomach'. When we are anxious about something we talk about getting 'butterflies in our stomachs'. When you are upset about something you can sometimes feel 'a knot' in your stomach. The brain and the gut are literally connected. When we are developing in the womb, the nerves that eventually separate into the brain, spinal cord and nerves of the intestine all have the same beginning and remain interconnected.

Apart from this our stomach is also sensitive to chemicals. When we are stressed or frightened our body releases chemicals like adrenalin, which affect the stomach. One purpose of adrenalin is to empty the stomach and bowel so we can run away from a predator faster. If we are constantly stressed, our stomachs are constantly having to deal with chemicals.

So if you think that stress is connected to your digestive upset, it is important to consider this alongside it. Valerian was often included in herbal indigestion pills as our founders knew of this connection.

Weight and exercise

If you are overweight you are going to be putting pressure on your stomach. You are far more likely to have heartburn and indigestion. Also is you are overweight, it is fairly likely that your diet hasn't just contained healthy foods. Getting back to a healthy weight will help your digestion.

Exercise doesn't just tone the muscles. It keeps us moving in all ways.