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Guide to Prescriptions

Ordering your herbal prescription has never been easier. Whether you are ordering for the first time, or purchasing a repeat prescription our team is here to help.

How Prescriptions Work

1. Consultation

During your consutlation with a medical herbalist they will create a unique prescription based on your specific needs. This is often a blend of tinctures, dried herbs and supplements.

2. Dispensing

One of Napiers' trained dispensary staff combine together the unique tinctures and herbs within your prescription, creating a mix tailored to your health requirements.

3. Delivery/Collection

You have the flexibility to choose between delivery or collection. No matter where you are in the UK, we try our best to get prescriptions to you within 4 working days via delivery or the same day for collection.

New Patients

After your first appointment, your medical herbalist will create a prescription for us to dispense. Your prescription may contain a blend of tinctures, a mix of dried herbs to take as a tea, as well as vitamins, minerals and supplements.

These products can be purchased easily and quickly both online and in-store.

Repeat Prescriptions

If you are an existing patient looking to reorder a prescription, you can purchase either online or in-store by adding the relevant prescription products to your cart.

Prescriptions have an expiry date which means you can reorder your prescription without needing to see your herbalist up to this date.

After your prescription expires, you will need an approved extension from your herbalist. In a lot of cases, your herbalist would want another consultation to ensure your prescription is as relevant and effective based on your most recent health status.

Prescription FAQs

How do I purchase my prescription?

We've put together a handy video tutorial on how to order your prescription.

After your consultation, your herbalist will tell you which products you need to order.

Step 1.
Search for the products listed on your prescription in the search bar on site.

Step 2.
Add these products to your cart, selecting the correct size. It is important that you enter the correct prescription information for our records, including Prescription Blend Name, Herbalist Name, Patient's Name and the clinic.

Step 3.
Once all of these items are added to your cart, click through to your basket and click on one of our Check Out options. You can also add any relevant, additional notes

Step 4.
Fill in your contact information as well as your preferred delivery method. Enter your billing information at the next stage

Step 5.
All done!
For orders being collected, someone from our store team will call you to notify you of it's arrival.

If there are any questions or issues with your prescription our team will be in touch with you.

How long does it take for my prescription to be ready?

We aim to have all prescriptions delivered to you within 4 working days.

For patients who are collecting prescriptions, they will be dispensed on the same, usually taking around 15 minutes - the perfect amount of time to allow you to browse the rest of our stores.

How can I get my prescription?

To receive

What is the fastest way to receive my prescription?

If you are not based close to one of our stores, the fastest and easiest way for you to order your prescription is online.

Once ordered, your prescription is queued in our system and typically dispensed within 24-48 hours. We then aim to ship this to you next day.

I have a question about ingredients or the contents of my prescription.

If you have questions about your prescription, please get in touch with your medical herbalist and they will be best place to advise you.

Unfortunately, our reception is unable to advise on issues regarding your specific health conditions.

There is an issue or delay with my prescription

On occasion, there may be a delay in processing and dispensing your prescription. We will do our best to mitigate against this and keep in touch with you for updates.

Items in my prescription are out of stock

Sometimes we may go out of stock of specific herbs, tinctures or supplements. In the event that this happens we will keep you updated on when the items are expected back in stock.

If the items are out of stock for an extended period, we will contact your herbalist and find a suitable alternative that they approve.

In the case of urgent prescriptions we will endevaour to get at least part of your fulfilled.

Can I add products to my order even if they aren't included in my prescription?

Yes, you can add any of our products to the same cart as your prescription, whether that be our creams, essential oils or single tinctures!

If you are concerned about mixing products or supplements, please speak to your medical herbalist for confirmation.