Online OR telephone consultations
with a medical herbalist

We believe that wherever possible you should see a qualified medical herbalist for a face to face consultation. Distance consultations are not always appropriate for some health conditions and you will get a far better assessment from a consultation. If you can visit a Napiers clinic please book directly with the clinic nearest you.

However, we do realise that not everyone has access to a herbalist. The most common reasons are lack of geographic access, mobility problems, etc. and we do offer online or telephone consultations with our qualified medical herbalists where appropriate.


Introduction. Firstly we suggest a 15 minute telephone consultation. This is to assess whether your condition can be treated in long distance, and whether both you and the medical herbalist are comfortable with this method of communication. For short enquiries about common conditions you can just email our helpdesk herbalists.
Select the option below: Herbal Consultation: 15 minutes

Full consultation: A full consultation can take place either by telephone or by Skype, FaceTime, Gmail video chat or Google hangout.
Select the option below: Herbal Consultation: 45 minutes

Repeat consultation: Suitable once your medicine has been sent out and you have been taking it as directed. Usually takes place a few weeks after the initial consultation.
Select the option below: Herbal Consultation: 30 minutes

If you would like an appointment, please purchase one using the options below. Please then email with a short outline of your condition and details of the best times for you to have an appointment. We will then put a qualified medical herbalist directly in touch with you. We do reserve the right not to offer a distance consultation if we do not believe that this is right for you and that your condition can only be treated successfully in person.


If you want to ask a quick question about a herb, a product or a common condition please email our helpdesk herbalists.

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Add to BagHerbalist Consultation: 15 minutes £15.00
Add to BagHerbalist Consultation: 30 minutes £30.00
Add to BagHerbalist Consultation: 45 minutes £40.00

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