Dean Harley

Dean Harley

Dean Harley



Dean is a Naturopathic Practitioner experienced in Nutrition and Herbal Medicine. With interests in nerve problems, cardiovascular health, digestive disorders as well as male and female reproductive system wellbeing. Dean graduated with honours in Naturopathy as a Doctor of Natural Medicine and is registered with the Association of Naturopathic Practitioners, ANP. With experiences travelling around the world, Dean has a wealth of experience in different health practices, cultures, languages and tropical plants. Throughout a portion of his time overseas, Dean has worked alongside medical doctors and nurses in the healthcare of deprived persons, with great focus on rehabilitation from stroke and paralysis.


Everyone's vital energy has a tendency to shift from time to time with exposure to certain elements, the environment and emotions. The speed and accuracy to which wellness and balance can be achieved will depend heavily on the flexibility and experience of the practitioner, alongside your determination to get better and the responsiveness of your system. Everyone is unique, each with their own combination of imbalances and strengths. And with a multitude of compounds and approaches to use, my goal is to develop and apply the most appropriate combination that will be best suited for your wellbeing.


For ages 17 and above (I can accommodate younger persons on a case to case basis)

  • Cardiovascular problems
  • Trigeminal Neuralgia support
  • Support for people rehabilitating from injury, typically neurological
  • Eye health
  • Nerve health and support
  • Digestive issues and support
  • Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)
  • Immune system support
  • Men's health, reproductive system
  • Women's health, general reproductive health
  • General health issues are also welcome to be tackled

Dean practices remotely from Napiers Edinburgh Clinic via Video Consultation only.
To make an appointment or for more information;
Call 0131 225 5542
Book via our Online Booking System here.

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Rebecca Traylen

Rebecca Traylen

Rebecca Traylen ANutr

BSc (Hons) Biology, MSc (Hons) Nutrition, Associate Nutritionist (ANutr)

Rebecca is an Associate Nutritionist, specialising in gut health and women's health, from hormone imbalance to fertility, pregnancy and beyond.

Her passion for nutrition sparked at university. The toll of studying and participation in the rowing club left her constantly tired, regularly getting sick, and with difficulty concentrating. She started to look at small changes to her lifestyle and nutrition, and these made a big difference.

This led her to learn more about the gut microbiome, and it's influence on everything from immune health, to sleep, stress, skin, digestive health and allergies. The more attention she paid to her gut health, the better she felt. After completing her Master's in Human Nutrition, she began helping more and more people understand how their gut could be the key to their overall wellbeing.

Recently, she has started working with women, to help them understand how gut health, diet and lifestyle can help balance hormones and increase the chances of fertility success. She also works with those who are already pregnant to ensure that their gut health, and the health of their developing baby is supported throughout each trimester and into the postnatal period.

Rebecca believes an individualised and patient centred approach is vital when supporting all aspects of health. Having first hand experience with the impact of an unbalanced gut, her approach is empathetic. Her goal is to empower patients to take control of their health and wellbeing. She has a keen interest in cooking and nutrition, and regularly posts gut healthy recipes on her Instagram account @healthygutkitchen.

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Sheila Korimboccus

Sheila Korimboccus

Holistic Therapist.

Sheila Korimboccus

 Sheila is a Holistic Therapist who qualified in KCR in 2019 with the KCR Academy.
After a long career in retail, an ankle injury led her to seek an alternative approach to healing.

She had one session of KCR and found it life changing. A follow up session a few months later spurred her on to train and qualify as a KCR Therapist herself.

Wanting to help heal others, Sheila has now trained in several Holistic Therapies including Reiki, Life Coaching and Hopi Ear Candling.

To book a consultation with Sheila please contact the Bathgate clinic via:
62 George Street, Bathgate, EH48 1PD
Telephone: 01506 353 786

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Rhian Heppleston

Rhian Heppleston
Sports & Remedial, Deep Tissue, Pregnancy &
Post-natal , On-Site Chair and Swedish massage
I am an Edinburgh-based SMTO registered Massage Therapist in Sports & Remedial, Deep Tissue, Pregnancy & Post-natal, On-Site Chair and Swedish massage, and CORE Fascial Release.

Incorporating a range of remedial techniques, which include trigger point therapy and myofascial release, my treatments aim to reduce pain and tension and increase range of motion. Beyond changing physical structures and tissues, I believe it is important to give clients the tools to further their own recovery, to cue them in how to take care of their body and mind by integrating good habits and practices which can aid injury prevention and restore their physical and emotional well-being. A crucial part of healing and recovery is relaxation and rebalancing, which is why all of my treatments will incorporate some elements of a relaxation massage. I also provide soft tissue massage services for Sport Scotland Institute of Sport. 

Rhian practices from Napiers Edinburgh Clinic.
To make an appointment or for more information, call 0131 225 5542 or email
If you require more information about any of the treatments on offer, visit Rhian's website here.

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Pearlyn Quan

Pearlyn Quan

Pearlyn Quan
Dip TCM Acupuncture, MAcS TCM
Acupuncture | Cupping | Tuina
Pearlyn is a licensed acupuncturist and a registered member of the Acupuncture Society, and is fully insured to practice acupuncture, tuina, cupping and moxibustion.
Pearlyn studied Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and acupuncture with her teacher Darren Rose, who runs a busy fertility clinic in London. She continued to develop her skills in Chinese herbal medicine, cupping and tuina at the Singapore College of Traditional Chinese Medicine (Chung Hwa Medical Institute), as well as the School of Healing Arts (SOHA) in Singapore. Upon graduation, she worked as a clinical assistant to Dr Gabriel Chen at Oak Health TCM Clinic in Singapore.
Previously, Pearlyn had a career in design and technology. Confronted with various stress-related health issues, she eventually turned to Chinese medicine and found it nothing short of life-changing, and went on to study TCM and acupuncture to help others in need of support and self-care. Chinese medicine is deeply rooted in her culture and upbringing, and she hopes to share it in a way that is easy and approachable. Her special interest is in acupuncture for fertility, IVF support, and women’s health, but she is happy to treat anyone across a wide range of conditions and health goals.

Treatment Type


Cupping is an ancient therapy which uses negative pressure within glass cups to help reduce tension, decrease inflammation and improve blood flow and movement of energy.


Literally translated into "push-pull", Tuina is a Chinese medical acupressure massage which is performed without oil over a cloth. Acupressure points are activated to treat deep muscle tension and musculoskeletal disorders.


Pearlyn practices from Napiers Edinburgh Clinic.
If you require more information about any of the treatments on offer or would like to make an appointment, please contact Pearlyn directly on 07498785622 or visit Pearlyn's website here.

Alternatively, if you need further help please call Napiers Edinburgh Clinic on 0131 225 5542 or email

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Anthony Pollitt

Anthony Pollitt

Health & Wellness Consultant
Clinical Nutritionist, Hypnotherapist/Psychotherapist

- Hypnotherapy/Psychotherapy
- Clinical Nutrition
- In-house Health & Wellness Presentation
    About Anthony

    Anthony went through a life-changing experience some years ago: a quintuple
    heart bypass. He thought he lived well i.e. ate wholesome food and exercised
    etc. His recovery advice was to eat well and exercise but he was already doing

    That led him on a journey to find out more: two years pre-medical studies for
    entry into and complete a Masters of Applied Clinical Nutrition, followed by
    certification as a Functional Medicine Practitioner (CFMP), and Certified
    Ketogenic Nutrition Specialist (CKNS). He is also a member of the Royal Society
    of Medicine (RSM).

    When working with clients he became more aware of the external and internal
    issues that affect us in our eating and daily lives. This led him to train as a
    hypnotherapist/psychotherapist in Solution Focused Hypnotherapy (SFH
    Specialist). SFH takes you from where you are now and supports you to move
    forward positively in your life.

    Anthony enjoys visiting work places to give engaging, practical, and informative
    sessions on health and wellness – what it means and how to take positive steps

    Anthony’s Clinic

    I work with adults to support your journey to better health through tasty,
    wholesome nutrition or hypnotherapy/psychotherapy - sometimes both.

    What to Expect

    The initial consultation for hypnotherapy/psychotherapy sessions is around 45
    minutes. We will discuss your reason for attending the clinic and show you
    what is happening in your brain which explains the possible reasons for the way
    you’re feeling. You will leave the initial consultation with a special recording to
    prepare you for your future sessions.
    With clinical nutrition, we will discuss your needs related to your medical
    history, food likes and dislikes and other issues that may arise during our

    The final meal plan designed for you will included:

    - Pictorial weekly schedule
    - Detailed shopping list
    - Easy to follow recipes for each meal

    Here is a link to a short video telling you about the meal plan – click here
    If you have any questions about any of the information above, click here to
    send me an email. Or, drop into Napiers, Glasgow and talk to the helpful and
    knowledgeable staff there.
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    Mike Nicholson

    Mike Nicholson

    Mike is a body worker and NLP Practitioner who is passionate about working with the
    person as a whole; offering treatments that integrate body and mind. He trained under and
    works with a traditional Hawaiian Healer who is Cultural Advisor to the University of Hawaii.
    Master NLP Practitioner, Accredited KCR Practitioner, Low Level Laser Therapist. Hawaiian
    Healing Practitioner and Trainer (Ho’oponopono).
    • Pain Management – incorporating various techniques to reduce pain levels and increase mobility using gentle stretches and mobilisations. Myofascial Release, Kinesiology, Kinetic Chain Release (KCR), Emmett Technique.
    •  Hawaiian Healing - Includes self-care tools to change your emotional state, working with the root cause of emotional issues and looking to resolve internal conflict.
    • Smoking Cessation - Using pain free low level laser therapy to help stop the cravings and stress related to Nicotine withdrawal symptoms.
    • NLP- Neuro Linguistic Programming- Proven techniques to assist in removing the root cause and symptoms of negative emotion and trauma including Anxiety, Depression and Phobias.
    Areas where these treatments can help:
    • Managing Chronic Pain
    • Improving poor posture
    • Emotional Pain and Internal Conflict
    • Anxiety and Depression
    • Phobias and Fears
    • Trauma, PTSD
    • Improved Sports performance
    • Addressing Limiting Beliefs

    If you require more information about any of the treatments on offer, contact Mike:
    Mobile: 07785 768780
    If you would like to book an appointment with Mike, please contact Napiers Clinic Glasgow
    Reception on 0141 339 5859, or email
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    Avi Lago

    Avi Lago

    Avi Lag, Ayurvedic Consultant/Practitioner

    Ayurvedic Practitioner & Consultant

    • Diet and Lifestyle
    • Ayurveda
    • Vedic Counselling
    • Indian Medicine


    The first consultation lasts 60 minutes. Avi will take a detailed medical history covering not only your current complaint and medications, allergies, and family history, but also your diet and lifestyle. Your pulse and tongue will be checked - this will give the practitioner a deeper understanding of the underlying issues. As Ayurveda is an ancient Indian holistic system of health, this will explore areas such as how we interact with ourselves and others. Many people will have a keen interest in yoga and meditation, this will give each seeker a better understanding of their connection to the wider universe. Here Avi will give a detailed insight into your unique Body/Mind type (Dosha), explore the bodily tissues (Dhatus), and channels (Srotas), when Avi brings these three levels together this will bring a clear picture of the root cause. Like many people who come to Ayurveda it is to become in sync with the self, season, and our environment. This will be covered in diet and aftercare.

    Your Diet/Lifestyle plan will then be discussed and agreed with you to suit your needs. Following the consultation, Avi will formulate suitable herbs individually tailored to your needs which may include a tea (dried herbs), supplements and oils. Nutritional or lifestyle advice, if appropriate, may also be given where required to suit your Dosha and Prakriti (unique body type).

    A follow-up consultation will take place 2-3 weeks later to monitor your progress. This will last approximately 30 minutes. If you need further consultations, additional visits are generally at four or six-week intervals to help integrate the plan and lifestyle.


    Avi is a qualified Ayurvedic diet and lifestyle consultant. As fourth generation British Indian, his love for his culture developed from a very young age, exploring the spiritual realms, and integrating this in various ways. One of these ways that took him from the start was the plethora of herbs and spices at home with his mother and grandmothers. He learned that our food is our medicine. This led to the journey of the versatility of preparations of herbs in teas, tinctures, oils. Naturally this developed with his own travels of seeing the various systems of medicine around the globe on his journeys to India, USA, the Far East and North Africa.

    Avi qualified under the great care, support and guidance of Dr. Deepa Apte, in the heart of London - Founder of Ayurveda Pura Clinic and Academy. Dr. Apte is a fully qualified Indian Medical Doctor (Bachelor of Medicine; Bachelor of Surgery, India), a qualified Yoga teacher and a qualified Ayurvedic practitioner. She is also an Executive Director of the APA (Ayurvedic Practitioners Association) of UK.

    Having had the chance to meet various teachers before knowing this path was for him, after a beautiful experience in the Ganges, Avi returned to his roots and realised Avi what he could offer to Glasgow. 

    Just as he was taken on a journey to the roots of the Vedic culture of the Indus valley, come with Avi and let him guide you each step of the way back to the source of you using Ayurveda, Yoga, Meditation.

    If you would like to book an appointment, please contact Clinic Reception on, or at 0141 339 5859 or If you would like to discuss whether Ayurveda could support you or for more information, please contact Avi on 07582957615 or email


    Dee Atkinson

    Dee Atkinson

    Dee Atkinson, Medical Herbalist

    BA(Hons) FNIMH Medical Herbalist

    Fellow of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists
    Associate of The Royal Society of Medicine

    Dee is the senior herbal practitioner at Napiers the Herbalists in Edinburgh. She runs a general medicine clinic with a special interest in women’s health, managing hormonal health and ageing. More recently, Dee set up the Napiers Long Covid Clinic to facilitate an integrated approach between doctors, herbalists and nutritionist to this new disease.


    I take an eclectic and wide ranging approach to health and to both assessing and working with my patients. I have learnt that there is no one answer or way to good health, but rather many inter-linking paths and crossovers. I have trained in orthodox medical science and clinical diagnosis but also have an understanding that illness has both a physical and an 'energy' side. I take time with my patients to work on both the presenting symptoms and the possible underlying causes. I will often ask for copies of blood work, or arrange for further testes to be done. I know that flexibility and understanding are needed when working with complex health situations and there is rarely a ‘one size fits all’ approach. I often use different modalities such as nutrition and lifestyle advice and working within a multidisciplinary clinic means that patients have the benefit of access to other therapists and I often cross refer where appropriate.

    Ill health and disease are often the expression of internal imbalance. In many cases, we do not fully understand the mechanisms that lead to this imbalance, sometimes seeking help for one physical problem, such as a rash for example, when the real issue comes from an internal imbalance. I always look beyond the presenting complaint to try to understand this imbalance: it might come from the gut microbiome for instance, or it could be an inherited pathway or perhaps be driven by stress. The true aim of a herbal consultation is to restore both physical and energy balances throughout the body and to help the patient with a health road map. Herbal Medicine is the oldest known form of medicine and, in world terms, is the most widely used form of medicine. Herbal medicine can work well alongside orthodox medicine and patients can often benefit from a dual approach.


    Many of my patients have chronic health issues and come to herbal medicine looking for support in the management of them, whilst others have a single problem that they want to address. Some patients are referred by their GP or consultant, and I often work as part of a patient's healthcare team. I may suggest that other treatments, either orthodox or complementary, would be more appropriate for your condition. It is always my responsibility to make sure that I take the best approach for your health issue.

    A large part of my practice is working with women's health care, with an emphasis on managing hormonal change and ageing. I also support patients who are undergoing cancer treatments, often working with their healthcare team. This is an area of special interest in which I have personal experience. I have over 35 years of clinical experience and have worked with many different health scenarios. If you are unsure about whether I can help, please contact me before booking or talk to the Edinburgh Clinic reception team.


    Dee qualified in 1988 after four years of intensive study at the now famous School Of Herbal Medicine under the guidance of Hein Zeylestra. With a passion for the UK tradition of herbal dispensaries and the history of plant medicine, Dee was offered the opportunity to take over Napiers in Edinburgh, the UK’s oldest herbal house. She re-built the business and set up integrated health clinics, bringing together students of herbal medicine, doctors and qualified herbalists. Dee has handed over the Napiers business and now she concentrates on her clinical practice.

    Dee is a Fellow of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists and regularly attends conferences and training workshops both in the UK and abroad. She has been a Council Member of NIMH, and has represented the profession in negotiations with The Department of Health and in Parliament.

    Dee is a senior clinical supervisor on the Heartwood Professional Course in Herbal Medicine and a guest lecturer on the Royal Botanic gardens Diploma in Herbology course.

    If you would like to book an appointment with Dee please contact Napiers Edinburgh Clinic Reception on 0131 225 5542, or email us at

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    Lynn Bennett

    Lynn Bennett

    Lynn Bennett, Osteopath


    Lynn is a registered osteopath and has been practicing osteopathy for nineteen years. She studied osteopathy and cranial sacral therapy at the European School of Osteopathy and graduated in 1991. Lynn has a background in physiotherapy and is trained in structural, craniosacral, fuctional, fascial and visceral osteopathy.

    Lynn has been a practitioner at Napiers for over fifteen years and has a significant client base. She has treated thousands of patients ranging from babies only a few hours old to patients over ninety. Lynn is an established practitioner in her field and often converses with leading practitioners and doctors to ensure that she continues to be well versed in the latest treatments and techniques. 

    Approach to Treatment

    Osteopathy is a holistic therapy that helps to treat ailments related to the skeletal, muscular and joint structure, as well as the underlying cause. In doing so the therapy helps to treat the structure of the entire body. 

    Lynn is a passionate practitioner and she has an overwhelming aptitude for treating the human structure. Lynn uses the non-invasive technique of osteopathy or cranial sacral osteopathy to alleviate problems such as neck and shoulder pain, headaches, repetitive strain injury (RSI), sports injuries and much more.

    There may be many conditions that can be helped using osteopathy or craniosacral therapy; Lynn is always ready to discuss any questions you have.

    Lynn practices from Napiers Edinburgh Clinic.
    To make an appointment or for more information, call 0131 225 5542 or email

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    Nikki Biddiss

    Nikki Biddiss


    BSc (Hons), MNIMH. Medical Herbalist


    • First class honours degree in Herbal Medicine from the University of East London in 2011 
    • ITEC Diplomas in Holistic Massage and Aromatherapy. 
    • Member of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists, the UK’s leading professional body representing herbal practitioners. 
    • Diploma in Cognitive Coaching & Mentoring from University of the West of Scotland


    Stress management, Lyme disease, Menopause and Reproductive Health, in addition to general practice.


    Nikki was awarded a first class honours degree in Herbal Medicine from the University of East London and trained at clinics in Glasgow and London. She was also awarded the Arthur Barker prize for her final examination grades. Nikki also has ITEC Diplomas in Holistic Massage and Aromatherapy. 

    She is a member of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists which is the UK’s leading professional body representing herbal practitioners. NIMH members follow a strict code of conduct and are committed to ongoing and continual practitioner development and training.  


    Nikki’s first degree was a BA (Hons) Economics from the University of Strathclyde and she worked in commercial banking for 14 years, 5 years at Director level before retraining in Herbal Medicine and Aromatherapy Massage. At 29, she was one of the youngest females to be appointed a Director in the bank’s history. Amongst many career highlights, Nikki obtained the ‘Healthy Working Lives’ Award for her business in recognition of the Health and Wellbeing Initiative she devised for her division. 

    She notes “As a manager with responsibility for nearly 100 staff. I could see the toll modern life was taking on people and was motivated to explore therapies which sought to manage physical, emotional and mental health. I believe we all want to take responsibility for our own wellbeing and I see my role as working with the patient to formulate management plans which puts them back in control and supports them in maximising their health and wellbeing.” 


    The first consultation takes 45 minutes. Nikki will take a detailed medical history covering not only your current complaint and medications, allergies and family history, but also your diet and lifestyle. Your blood pressure and pulse will be checked and sometimes further physical examination may be necessary. 

    Your management plan will then be discussed and agreed with you. Following the consultation, Nikki will formulate a mix of suitable herbs individually tailored to your needs. The medicine may be in the form of a tincture (ethanol and water based herb extract), a tea (dried herbs) or a cream. Nutritional or lifestyle advice, if appropriate, may also be given. 

    A shorter follow-up consultation will take place 3-4 weeks later to monitor your progress. This will take approximately 30 minutes. If you need further consultations, additional visits are generally at three, four or six week intervals. 


    Many patients are delighted at the opportunity given to discuss their physical and emotional wellbeing in-depth and can feel a sense of relief that their needs are being listened to by a skilled practitioner. 

    The same disease does not necessarily affect two individuals in the same way and patients really appreciate that medicines are being formulated and tailored to meet their specific needs. 

    Many come to appreciate the power of natural remedies dispensed by a highly trained medical herbalist. 


    Massages can be booked for 30 minutes or 60 minutes. Nikki will start by doing a consultation with you to find out about your health and wellbeing asking questions about your medical history, general health, diet, sleep patterns and lifestyle. This will help decide which essential oils are most appropriate for you and Nikki will discuss with you which areas you would like the massage to focus on such as the back, neck, shoulders, arms, legs feet, face or scalp. 

    You will be able to change in private and will need to get undressed (apart from your underwear) for the massage but you will be covered up by towels at all times except for the parts of the body being worked on. 

    We suggest that you don’t eat for two hours before the massage and no alcohol should be consumed before or immediately after the massage. 


    You'll probably want to lie back and enjoy smelling beautiful for a while! How you will feel depends on the type of massage you have asked for: either relaxing or invigorating. After a massage, clients often feel calm, relaxed and maybe even a little sleepy or they can feel emotionally uplifted and revitalised. It is important that you relax after having a massage and drink lots of water. 

    Sometimes, depending on the oils used, the therapeutic effect can be instant; sometimes it is more subtle and develops over time. Hopefully you will leave feeling more balanced and with an overall improved sense of well being. 

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    Brett Buchanan

    Brett Buchanan

    Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

    Brett is a qualified CBT Counsellor having completed the COSCA Certificate in Counselling Skills and Diploma in Counselling and Groupwork, A Cognitive Behavioural Approach in 2008.

    He has a wide range of experience having worked as a volunteer counsellor at CRISIS Erskine, Renfrew Association for Mental Health and The Second Chance Project dealing with drug and alcohol addiction.  He is also a trained Bereavement Counsellor and is currently in practice with CRUSE Bereavement Care Scotland.


    Brett is an individual Member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) and abides by their ethical code of conduct.


    CBT is a talking therapy that can help you manage your problems by changing the way you think and behave.  It is a clinically and research proven therapy for a wide range of mental health problems in adults, young people and children.

    CBT can help you to change how you think (Cognitive) and what you do (Behavioural) by challenging negative automatic thoughts and the associated feelings and behaviours that may be causing you problems.

    A CBT approach may look at the origins of your disturbance, often in childhood.  Importantly, the approach will focus greater emphasis on how the disturbance affects you in the ‘here and now’.  Your CBT Therapist will introduce you to tools and techniques designed to support increased self-awareness of your thoughts, feelings and subsequent physical responses in the present. 

    CBT is an empowering approach that supports the idea that you are the expert on you.  Through awareness of self and the CBT model, you are encouraged to become your own therapist.  Building confidence and trust in yourself offers an opportunity to step away from negative past experience and to consider a more desirable future.


    With CBT, you’ll usually have a session with the therapist once a week or once every two weeks.  This may change as you progress through therapy and would be decided collaboratively between yourself and the therapist.

    Each session will last for 50 minutes and as you progress through your course of therapy, it is likely you will be asked to complete work between sessions.

    The length of treatment may vary depending on each individual.  CBT is a time limited approach, designed to encourage a solution focus.  As such, an initial course could expect to last for six sessions.  Where appropriate, further sessions would be discussed, again collaboratively between yourself and the therapist.


    The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) provides independent, evidence based guidance for the NHS on the most effective ways to treat disease and ill-health. NICE recommends CBT in the treatment of the following conditions:

    • Anxiety disorders (including panic attacks, post-traumatic stress disorder, social anxiety and shyness)
    • Depression
    • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

    Diagram illustrating a typical continuous cycle relating to depression and anxiety.

    There is also good evidence that CBT is helpful in treating many other conditions, including:

    • Stress
    • Low mood / self-esteem
    • Phobias
    • Bereavement
    • Chronic Fatigue
    • Chronic Pain
    • Sleep Difficulties
    • Anger Management
    • Addictions
    • Trauma
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