Vitamins & Minerals for Men's Health

Zinc deficiency has been positively linked to prostate enlargement in a few studies, although no large scale clinical trials have been conducted. The RDA is 15 mg but in the studies doses of 150 mg of zinc sulphate were taken daily for two month, followed by maintenance doses of 50 mg daily. 14 out of the 19 men in the trial experienced shrinkage of the prostate. As zinc can be toxic in high doses (leading to anaemia and low immunity) high doses should be taken under medical supervision. A standard zinc supplement, nevertheless, is beneficial for most men.

Magnesium(RDA 400mg) and Vitamin B6 (RDA 2 mg) have also been combined with zinc in maintaining prostate health.

A multivitamin containing beta-carotene (which converts to Vitamin A in the body), Vitamin C, selenium and Vitamin E is also helpful in men's vitamin supplementation.