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Getting a restorative night's sleep can sometimes feel like a dream in itself. There are some key vitamins and minerals that can support a restful night. Learn more here.


Vitamin and Minerals for
Stress and Sleep

Calcium, especially when found in food, has a sedative effect on the body. A calcium deficiency causes restlessness and wakefulness. 

Magnesium deficiency is also thought to be responsible for nervousness that prevents sleep. Magnesium-rich foods include kelp, wheat bran, almonds, cashews, molasses and brewer's yeast. We supply a Calcium & Magnesium supplement to address these very issues. 

B vitamins have a sedative effect on the nerves and vitamins B5, B6 and B12 have all been linked to helping insomnia prevention. Your body‘s requirements for B vitamins is also increased during times of stress. B vitamins are vital for the production of energy from food, adrenal hormones and for the proper functioning of your nervous system. So it is advisable to take a B complex supplement if you are feeling stressed.

Potassium has been shown in research to be one of the elements responsible for deep slow-wave sleep.

If you prefer to take a whole food rather than a multi-vitamin supplement try kelp capsules as seaweed is a natural complete source of all these vitamins and minerals.

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