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Dietary advice for Women's Health problems

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Optimum nutrition is essential in maintaining all aspects of your health.  Considering a balanced diet that focuses on balancing hormones, can have a significant impact. Learn more here.


Dietary advice for Women's Health problems

Optimum nutrition is essential in maintaining all aspects of your health. You should aim for a rich intake of wholefoods, fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds for a varied nutritional intake. Certain nutrients are particularly vital to maintaining hormonal and emotional health. 

Diet and lifestyle are particularly crucial during the menopause. Osteoporosis prevention is one of the commonest reasons why women are prescribed H.R.T., although research is now indicating that diet, nutrition supplementation and exercise are the best preventative measures. 

Medical herbalists work with their patients to achieve optimum nutrition and a treatment plan that will help to relieve symptoms and protect the body for the future. 

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