Vitamins and Minerals for Digestion

Calcium may help to ease diarrhoea type symptoms in IBS-D sufferers.

Magnesium has an association with constipation. A research paper ( Murakami et al, 2007) demonstrates a link between low magnesium intake and constipation in Japanese women. So if you suffer from constipation or IBS-C it may be advisable to take a magnesium supplement.

While kelp is technically a supplement it is also worth mentioning here as it contains both calcium and magnesium, along with other beneficial vitamins and minerals in a form easily absorbed by the body. For a sensitive digestion, easily digested vitamins and minerals are preferred.


Murakami K, Sasaki S, H Okubo H, Y Takahashi Y, Y Hosoi Y, M Itabashi M et al. (2007) Association between dietary fiber, water and magnesium intake and functional constipation among young Japanese women. European Journal of Clinical Nutrition (2007) 61, 616–622. Nature Publishing Group.

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