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Guide to Prescriptions

Whether you are a patient ordering your prescription for the first time or are looking to get a repeat prescription, we're here to help.

How Prescriptions Work

1. Consultation

After your initial consultation with a medical herbalist, you will receive a unique prescription based on your health condition and requirements. This could be made up of a blend of tinctures, dried herbs and supplements.

2. Dispensing

Our expert dispensers get to work on building your prescription by mixing the individual tinctures and herbs for you. Your prescription is tailored to your specific health requirements.

3. Receive Your Prescription

You can choose to receive your prescription by coming in to one of our stores or through one of our delivery partners. This means no matter where you are based, your prescription can reach you.

New Patients

After your initial consultation with your medical herbalist, they will put together a unique prescription based on the tinctures, herbs and supplements best suited to help you.

Your herbalist will let you know which products to purchase as part of your prescription and these can be bought in-store or online.

Typically, a herbalist will give a patient one months supply to see how they progress.

Repeat Prescriptions

Reordering repeat prescriptions is quick and easy to do online. Simply follow the same process by adding the individual items that are on your prescription to your order and checkout.

Prescriptions have an expiry date and can be reordered upto this date. After this date, you will need a follow up with your medical herbalist to get it renewed or a new prescription written if your medical situation has changed.


How do I order my prescription?

The quickest and easiest way to order your prescription is online.
Here is a step-by-step guide:

Step 1.
After a consultation with your medical herbalist, you will receive a copy of the items on your prescription.
This will include a tailored blend of tinctures, a combination of dried herbs to be taken as a tea or supplements.

Step 2.
Visit our prescription items page and select the appropriate item that is on your prescription as well as the correct size option.

Please ensure you fill in all of the required information such as Prescription Blend Name, Herbalist's Name, Patient's Name (If you are buying it for someone else), Clinic's Name. Not doing so may result in delays as the information is required to match our system

Add any other supplements by searching for these using the search function in the navigation bar.

Step 3.
Once all products in your prescription have been added to your cart, choose from one of the checkout options.

Step 4.
Complete your contact information and select your method of delivery.

Finally, enter your billing information and complete payment. A confirmation email will be sent to you and if there are nay issues our team will contact you.

I haven't received my prescription as yet

There may be occasions when our logistics partners are delayed or lose an item. If your order has not been delivered within 6 working days, please get in contact with us by emailing

If you opt to collect your prescription from one of our stores, a member of our dispensary or shop team will contact you to let you know it is ready. If you have not received your prescription after more than 2 working days, please get in contactwith us by emailing

Can I order my prescription over the phone?

Ordering your prescription over the phone is possible. However due to demand, you may not get through to a member of our team right away.

To avoid disappointment or delay, we advise customers to purchase online as it is the fastest and most hassle-free way to order.

Questions about my prescription?

Medical Questions
If you have questions that are related to the ingredients, your health condition, reactions to products in your prescription, please get in touch with your medical herbalist.

Delivery Questions
If you have questions that are related to the delivery/collection or ordering of your prescription, please contact us by emailing

Items are out of stock in my prescription

If there are items or tinctures that are missing in your prescription we will communicate any delays with you directly and update you on estimated timelines.

If the issues is more long term, we will speak to your medical herbalist and seek alternatives that they approve in order to get your prescription to you as quick as possible.

In the event that part of your prescription is ready, we will notify you and part-fulfil if urgent.

How long do prescriptions take to make?

If you have an in-person consultation, your prescription should be ready 15-20 minutes after your consultation; the perfect amount of time to browse our store or enjoy some complimentary tea.

For online orders, it can take up to 48 hours to process and dispense your prescription. We then advise that delivery can take between 24 to 48 hours to arrive to you.

Can I make a repeat prescription order myself?

Yes - simply follow the same instructions as if you were ordering your first prescription and it will get added to our system for dispensing.

If your prescription has expired, you will need to get approval from your medical herbalist or will need to book in a subsequent consultation to ensure the prescription is up-to-date.

I need my prescription urgently

In the case you require any part of your prescription urgently, we recommend that you visit one of our stores if possible.

If you are a remote patient, then we recommend getting in touch with us via email or calling 0131 225 5542.

Whilst we will endeavor to get your presription to you as soon as possible, there are some limitations such as delivery which are out of our control.

How much does a prescription cost?

There is no fixed cost for a prescription as the items and sizing in a prescription vary dependent on the individual patient and prescription.

Is this a free service?
Can I mix my prescription with non-herbal treatments?

In many cases, both herbs and pharmaceuticals can be used in conjunction.

However, in some instances there can be negative interactions between the active ingredients and so we recommend speaking with your medical herbalist for confirmation.