Clinical massage therapy is a type of massage that uses specific techniques and protocols to address specific conditions or injuries. It is typically performed by trained and licensed massage therapists, who use their knowledge of anatomy, physiology and kinesiology to develop treatment plans for their clients. The goal of clinical massage therapy is to reduce pain and improve function in the affected area of the body. It can be used to treat a wide range of conditions, such as chronic pain, headaches, tension, and muscle strains, and can be an important part of a comprehensive rehabilitation program.

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Clinical massage therapy is available at the following clinics:


18 Bristo Place, Edinburgh, EH1 1EZ
Telephone:0131 225 5542

Our Massage Therapists

Jill McLaggan

Advanced Clinical Massage Therapist

Edinburgh Clinic

Mary Gibson

Aromatherapy & Massage Therapist (ITEC)

Edinburgh Clinic

Cat Rush

Massage & Sports Therapist

Edinburgh Clinic

Rhian Heppleston

Sports & Remedial, Deep Tissue, Pregnancy & Post-natal,
On-Site Chair and Swedish massage

Edinburgh Clinic