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Ophiocordyceps sinensis / Cordyceps militaris

Caterpillar Fungus – Tochukas – Dong Chong Xia Cao

In the same way that Cordyceps species help their hosts survive in oxygen-poor environments, Cordyceps-based products are used to enhance athletic performance and endurance by increasing the efficiency of energy metabolism, energy output, endurance, aerobic capacity and resistance to fatigue.

The Cordyceps fungi was traditionally found growing on the larvae of moths, although nowadays it is bred on a substrate. It used to be thought that they were parasitic but it is now believed they have a symbiotic relationship with their hosts, helping them thrive in extreme environments, such as the high Tibetan plateau.

The ability of Cordyceps to increase metabolic efficiency and promote adaptation to harsh environments is largely due to its nucleoside derivatives (e.g. cordycepin), which are also responsible for many of its unique health-promoting properties.

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