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Phlebotomy is the practice of drawing blood from patients in order for the samples to be used by a laboratory for a range of tests which may have been requested by your CAM therapist, GP or other healthcare provider.

We work with Regenerus Laboratories , Genova Laboratories and Biolab Medical Unit but we can offer the service for other laboratories as long as the patient is happy to post the results and the samples do not need any further treatment.

Centrifuge Applications for Blood Separation

Blood samples that require centrifuge will generally be sent away to a laboratory although there are a small number of blood samples that can be centrifuged at Napiers Clinic. Please be aware that blood samples sent away for centrifuge will incur additional postal costs.

The role of a centrifuge in testing blood is to separate whole blood into its various components. Each component of blood has a specific use in the body and therefore a different test may be required for each component. Blood can be centrifuged in a tube, bottle or bag.

The customer is responsible for bringing the test to the appointment and for posting the samples unless otherwise stated.


The cost of a 30 minute appointment, dealing with 1 - 2 samples which do not require centrifuging, is £30. Please see below for prices of appointments for over 2 samples and/or requiring centrifuging:

2 samples requiring standing time and centrifuging - £45 for 45 minute appointment

3-4 samples not requiring centrifuging - £45 for 45 minute appointment

3-4 samples requiring standing time and centrifuging - £60 for 60 minute appointment

5 -10 samples, whether or not centrifuging is required - £75 although this amount will be reduced appropriately if the process takes an hour or less.

We offer these length of appointments as once bloods have been collected they need to stand for 20 minutes at room temperature before the patient can leave. We also like to ensure that patients are not rushed during a procedure that can be stressful for some people

Appointments are available on alternate Tuesdays.

About Our Phlebotomist 

Our Phlebotomist is Christine Sproull. Christine has been taking bloods since 1999 as well as working as a nurse in Gynaecology and Maternity outpatient departments for many years, followed by 14 years in Maternity and Postnatal wards. Christine underwent a comprehensive phlebotomy course as a trainee clinical support worker and also completed a two day course in phlebotomy in July 2016 as part of her continuing practice.

Christine has spent 30 years working in the Health Care industry of which 22 years were spent working within the NHS. She is now practicing as a chiropodist/podiatrist and Bowen therapist.



Christine Sproull

Call 0131 225 5542 for phlebotomy services


Call 0141 339 5859 for details of home blood tests

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