Blending the traditions of Eastern and Western medicine, Kinesiology uses non-invasive muscle feedback or “muscle testing,” to identify how the body responds to stress or a stimulus. The stresses can be physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual, or chemical in nature. The purpose of the client receiving a “balance” in the session is to change how the client responds to the stress or stimulus. 
During a Kinesiology session, the practitioner first uses muscle testing in order to identify the best method to balance your energy. The next step is to balance your energy, using the identified method e.g. trace the acupuncture meridians, or facilitating stress release. 
As a consequence of the balance, you can feel a reduction of stress. You may feel empowered, motivated and energised to make any changes required to reach your potential. Kinesiology, or “muscle monitoring” receives biofeedback from the body and the subconscious ensuring a bespoke treatment for each person.