Embrace the spirit of Scotland this winter, with our Napiers reimagined Old Fashioned.

Blending the rich heritage of Scottish whiskey with our bestselling Napiers Best British Bitters, it's the perfect winter warmer or to enjoy over the festive season.


Napiers Old Fashioned Winter Warmer


60ml Scotch Whiskey
2-3 Dashes Napiers Best British Bitters (to preference)
Orange (peel only)
1 Small Sugar Cube
A Few Drops Of Water
Big Ice Cube


  1. In a tumbler muddle the sugar cube, bitters and water
  2. Add in the whiskey
  3. Stir and add ice
  4. Twist your orange peel to release the oils and run around the rim of the glass
  5. Add the peel as garnish
  6. Enjoy!