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Welcome to your one-stop shop for holistic hayfever management. We offer a carefully curated selection of herbal supplements, natural skincare products, soothing teas, and potent tinctures designed to help manage your hayfever symptoms.

We also have a number of resources below with expert advice on managing hayfever. From lifestyle changes to in-depth discussions on the effectiveness of adaptogenic herbs, our blogs provide comprehensive resources for those looking to understand and manage hayfever naturally.

Advice & Support

Our passionate team of herbal practitioners are on hand to support you.

We offer consultations and herbal treatment plans, tailored to your unique needs and symptoms in our herbal medicine clinic. To learn more about the clinic, and to book your appointment, tap here.

Finding The Right Herbs For You

There are many herbs that can help support different symptoms of hayfever.

One of the most commonly used herbs is nettle, which has antihistamine properties that can help alleviate sneezing and itching. We recommend our Summertime Tea and Summertime Capsules which contain nettle as well as elderberry and chamomile which help soothe.

For those experiencing congestion, eucalyptus can help in clearing sinus cavities. Our Sinus Rub contains a blend of eucalyptus as well as lavender to soothe sore noses.

Natural Hayfever Product Reviews
Napiers Breathe Easy Blend:
All natural and works
— Andy
Napiers Sinus Rub:
Brilliant service and amazing products. The sinus rub is my saviour
— Stephanie
Napiers Eyebright Cream:
I've been using the Eyebright cream for Hayfever-y eyes for years and it is super soothing and the best thing for summer.
— Charlotte

Hayfever Resources

Herbal Remedies For Hayfever

And how to incorporate them from day to night

Adaptogenic Herbs in Stress-Induced Hayfever

How to incorporate it into your daily routine

Essential Oils For Hayfever

And a blend you can make at home

Supporting Hayfever Symptoms

Herbal Supplements

Our range of herbal supplements are specifically formulated to support your immune system and help reduce hayfever symptoms, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors, regardless of the season.

Natural Skincare

Designed for sensitive, hayfever-prone skin, our natural skincare products soothe irritation and redness, helping you look and feel your best.

Teas and Tinctures

Discover our range of soothing teas and potent tinctures, crafted with herbs known for their anti-inflammatory and antihistamine properties, offering natural relief from hayfever symptoms..

Manage Your Hayfever Naturally with Us

Take a step towards natural, holistic hayfever management. Browse our range of products and resources today to find the relief you've been seeking.