Food Sensitivity

Food Sensitivity Testing


Our programme for testing food intolerance and sensitivity is a highly accepted form of assessing a person’s reported symptoms, where sensitivity to a food may be implicated. A typical consultation takes between 45 minutes and an hour. We carefully review your symptoms and you will be asked to complete a short confidential questionnaire. Our testing is non invasive and uses electrodermal testing to assess food intolerances.

We use a Vega machine to assess reactions to substances suspected of causing health disturbances. During Vega testing you will be holding an electrode connected to the machine whilst test substances are placed in the machine. Your reaction to the test substance is detected by using a stylus on an acupuncture point on the hand or toe. There is no need for blood tests or needles and the process is in not intrusive or uncomfortable.


In Glasgow we do not use the Vega system. We focus on diet history, diet diaries and elimination diets, and, where appropriate, use blood tests to monitor allergic (iGE) response. Our trained naturopathic nutritional therapists will help you to balance your diet and eliminate food triggers connected with your condition.

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