Isabelle Obert de Thieusies
Isabelle trained at the Raworth Centre and qualified in 2002 with aNutrition Consultant's diploma with Distinction.  She has been working atthe Zita West Clinic since 2005 as well as working with private clients,specialising in fertility, IVF and pregnancy.  Isabelle believes that dietplays an important role in assisted fertility and natural conception and canhave a positive impact on hormonal imbalances such as PCOS andendometriosis.

She aims to demystify fertility nutrition and takes time to explain clearlyhow and why diet is so important, offering achievable advice that istailored to each individual person or couple as well as keeping up-to-datewith evidence-based research to ensure that she is providing her clientswith the best possible advice and nutritional solutions to enable them tohave the highest chances of conceiving.