Zoe Naylor

BSc (Hons), Medical Herbalist


Zoe is fully qualified in Herbal Medicine with a Bachelor of Science honours degree from the University of Lancashire.  She was the Senior Herbalist and Manager at the Abbotts of Leigh for 3 years. Abbotts of Leigh was a traditional herbal medicine clinic that was founded in 1910 and made famous by the hugely successful Mr C. C. (Charlie) Abbott. Zoe felt extremely privileged to be practising in the midst of such an inspiring herbal tradition and is currently writing a book that records the history of the clinic. 

Abbotts drew a wide range of people with an equally wide range of conditions. Zoe's clinical experience was like that of a busy GP - treating both minor ailments and more serious complaints. She has also provided herbal first aid cover for festivals and camps. Zoe is also qualified in full body Swedish massage and Indian head massage. 

What is Herbal Medicine? 

Herbal Medicine is a holistic form of healthcare that uses plants instead of drugs to treat illnesses. It differs from allopathic medicine in that it assesses the whole person and aims to get to the root cause rather than suppress symptoms. This means that treatment relates the individual rather then the disease. 

Herbal Medicine works gently and mildly to re balance the body without side effects. As gentle as herbs are, given in the correct form and under supervision of a medical herbalist they can be very powerful and work with the bodies natural defences to produce the desired return to positive health. 

Ultimately herbal medicine is a natural form of healthcare that has been used for thousands of years. It is not a quick fix to illness but a path to optimum health and greater vitality. 

What to expect? 

Your first consultation will last an hour. You will first discuss your main health concerns and presenting complaint(s). Zoe will ask any relevant questions in order to obtain a diagnosis and assess the functioning of all body systems and any imbalances. She may also ask or refer you for tests from your GP. 

She will want to know about your diet in detail and lifestyle factors such as exercise and drinking etc. She also considers your stress levels and stress management alongside any emotional issues that are relevant to the presenting complaint. Any relevant clinical examination will be undertaken and you will be given diet and lifestyle advice and a herbal prescription which she will make up for you from the dispensary.

After the first appointment Zoe will want to see you again in a month as a standard follow up. This is to see how you are getting on with the suggestions and establish how the herbs are working for you. 

After that it will depend on your progress but it is advisable to maintain contact every 1- 2 months. Your prescription may need changing and there may be other measures/ suggestions to add to the original program. 

Zoe’s task is to guide you to optimum vitality with herbal prescriptions, healthy lifestyle choices and management. It is important you follow the suggestions as closely as you can and work with Zoe to ensure they are manageable and suit you and your life. 

Evidence often confirms that healing is often more successful and changes are more likely to stick if patients have a support group. Throughout she will offer support an encouragement to ensure your changes stick and are reasonable. The sooner you take responsibility for your own health, the sooner you give your body's healing ability the opportunity for optimum health and greater vitality. 

Zoe believes first and foremost that an excellent standard of healthcare should be accessible to everyone. She runs a low income clinic for pensioners, students and the unemployed.

Zoe Naylor

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