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Every Penny Counts

All donations both big and small make a vital contribution. The funds raised in this 'Every Clinic Counts' campaign will all go directly to the project.

£ 4,286 opens a new clinic and runs it for a year with 3 cryotreatment sessions

£ 1,310 opens a new clinic where there hasn't been one before

£ 992 will fund a complete cryotreatment session

£ 750.is the cost of one cryogun

£ 560 is the cost of one liquid nitrogen tank

£ 64 will pay for a dermatologist for a day in clinic

£ 56 is the cost of 35 litres of liquid nitrogen to fill a tank

£ 8 will buy 5 litres of liquid nitrogen

At Standing Voice we currently have two full sets (two cryoguns and two tanks) of equipment plus two additional cryoguns between seven clinic locations serving 22 individual clinics. We can treat patients with this equipment but under considerable pressure as we are literally carting huge tanks full of liquid nitrogen around Tanzania. This is very costly and creates logistical difficulties. We would love to have a full set for each project location. For existing clinics to be fully equipped we need five more tanks and three more guns. Can you help?

Cancer prevention lessons at Shinyanga Village

J U S T  G I V I N G

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So far...

22 operational clinics

2,476 people screened

4 monthly monitoring


With your help...

15 new clinics

37 clinics in total

5,000 people reached


Help us reach every person with albinism in East Africa.

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