Verity Brosnan

BSc (Hons) Herbal Medicine. Medical Herbalist.

Verity Brosnan graduated from The University of Lincoln with a BSc (Hons) in Herbal Medicine in 2014. For Verity, practicing herbal medicine is the curation of science and art, symbiotically working together, in order to establish the deeper underlying issues involved with the mind, body and sprit. Verity recognises that a curative treatment for illness requires a sophisticated and complex understanding of the dynamics and interactions within the body and that the mind and body cannot be separated. Thus, she looks beyond the symptoms of disease to the root cause in order to bring about healing resolutions. 

Verity’s interest in Herbal Medicine came from travelling in New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia and India where she learnt about growing and preserving medicinal plants and wild crafting medicine as well as learning Ayurvedic principles alongside Ayurvedic doctors. After completing her degree, she travelled to California where she gave workshops on anatomy and physiology and phytochemistry (plant chemistry). During her time in the USA, Verity worked with Native American tribes, researching the role of traditional medicine within their communities and, specifically, looking at how the use of both medicinal plants and fungi is vital, not only for the preservation of diversity in plant species, but for the wellbeing of the planet in general.

Verity’s special interests are in travel health, skin, digestive disorders and women’s health. Verity has a strong interest in the conservation of medicinal plants and is going on to study an MSc in Plant Taxonomy and Biodiversity in September 2016.

Is herbal medicine for you?

Herbal medicine uses a holistic approach and looks at the individual not just the symptoms of disease. This ensures a unique tailored treatment plan to resolve both the body and mind.

What to expect during a consultation

Verity will go over your present symptoms, general health, past medical history, diet and lifestyle. Herbal medicines can often be combined with orthodox medication and interactions are carefully considered within the consultation. A prescription will then be formulated based upon the information provided within the consultation and usually consists of internal remedies such as teas and tinctures or topical applications creams and oils.

Verity Brosnan

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