Speedwell for Anti Aging
A little plant with a powerful action in reducing wrinkles...
About Vitamin D
Vitamin D is the sunshine vitamin. Patricia Clark, our Nutritional Therapist, tells us more about this vital vitamin.
Tired Teenagers
Is your teenager tired all the time, unmotivated and not on the ball. Monica, mother of 3 young people, looks at various different simple causes of what might be making your teenager feel tired!
Herb Safety
Please be careful if taking prescription medicines with herbs, food supplements and even some foods. This article explains why and points you in the right direction for more information.
Could Prescription Drugs be Affecting Your Sexuality?
If you're taking prescription medicines and experiencing a lack of interest in sex, arousal or erectile problems, then it may be worth looking more closely at your medication. Monica Wilde looks at some of the side effects of medicines.
Avoid Air Fresheners in Pregnancy
Air fresheners are everywhere now but evidence is emerging that the chemicals in them can affect a baby's health both before and after the birth.
What Causes Acne Rosacea?
Acne rosacea may be caused by bacteria living in a mite in your skin. As the research becomes clearer we look at some herbs that can help.
Peanuts in Pregnancy
Eating wheat, peanuts and milk when you are pregnant may help reduce childhood allergies a recent study has found. Researchers concluded that a higher intake of peanut, milk, and wheat by a new mum during early pregnancy significantly reduced the odds that
Our First Napiers Remedy
Celebrating 155 years since Duncan's first herbal medicine
Plants for Exam Help
Herbalist & mother-of-2, Breda remembers exam time well and shares her tips
Migraine tips
The low down on migraines and home remedies to help
Fear of Flying
Taking valerian to reduce anxiety and panic around flying
Getting to Sleep
Do you long for a good night’s sleep? by Dee Atkinson MNIMH
Napiers in Grazia
Our Napiers Seagreens Hebridean Kelp gets a mention!
Underactive thyroid
Underactive thyroid and iodine deficiency: by Monica Wilde
Drink Driving and Herbal Tinctures
Be aware of your alcohol limits with this handy table
The Marvels of Roses
Roses don't just smell and look wonderful, they also have a wide range of health and cosmetic benefits. They're for much more than just Valentine's day and lovers!
Echinacea for thrush (candida)
Herbal Doses and Measures
Drops, ml, teaspoons... it can get confusing. Here is a useful guide to dose measurements.
Jan de Vries
Glasgow Events and Offers
Herbal Haggis vegetarian recipe
Want a healthy haggis full of tasty herbs for Burn's night? Here is the recipe...
Tips for Losing that Extra Weight
Medical herbalist, Nikki Biddiss encourages us to lose weight
Natural remedies for sinusitis
Nikki Biddiss, MNIMH explores herbs that help sinus problems
The Gift of a Therapy
Why therapies are better than socks! by Nikki Biddiss, MNIMH
HRT Cancer and Herbs
Dee Atkinson talks about the latest HRT news
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