Case Study

Tension Headaches

by David Drysdale, Osteopath

Patient: Woman 49 Years 

Occupation: University Administrator 

Pain: Constant 4/10 

Complaint: Constant, ongoing headache which is present day and night. This headache eases with analgesics, but never clears. Onset, 3 weeks. Stress at work and poor posture are the major cause. 

Treatment: Treatment was gentle massage and Craniosacral Therapy. The back and front of the neck, back of the head, jaw & facial muscles were all treated. There was a lot of dialog. The patient was able, confidentially, to speak about what was causing her unhappiness and frustration. 

After 2 treatments her headache was gone, but there was a lot of muscle tension remaining, which required another 4 treatments at weekly intervals. 

This patient comes for treatment every month, to keep things at bay.

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