Susanne Lin Jensen

Kairos Therapist (KT & KTI) and Instructor, Taiji and Qigong Instructor.


Susanne qualified in 1997 as Kairos therapist after three years of training and internship. The same year she completed a two years apprenticeship and qualified as Taiji Instructor. Susanne has been seeing clients for Kairos therapy in various settings: both clinics and home visits and working from various clinics. She has been organizing and teaching Taiji and Qigong classes for over 20 years. Both in groups and 1 to 1. 


British Complementary Medicine Association 

Tai Chi Union UK 

Dragon Spring Taiji & Qigong School 

Kairos Therapy UK 


About Kairos therapy

Kairos is a hands-on healing method, working with the bio field in and around the body. The therapist will used the energy field between their hands to relax physical tension and allow deeper layers of emotional tension to come to the surface. At the initial session, a record of the client’s history and life events are taken plus some table work. The following sessions are mainly table work, preluded by a check-in before session and after session. Kairos brings about deep relaxation in the body and facilitates a process of emotional release. The process is generally very comfortable and safe. People who receive Kairos may be come more aware of their bodies and what they feel. It can bring up memories, sometimes people see images, colors and have dream like experiences. For more information go to

Kairos may help you with PMT, IBS, Migraine, Stress and Anxiety, Phobias, Panic attacks, recovery from trauma, Eating disorders, ME, chronic fatigue and Chronic pain. Kairos is very effective with any complaint that has an emotional complaint. Kairos may help the body to recover after an operation or injury. Kairos can also help the body generate and replenish energy.


Taiji Qigong Exercises

Taiji Qigong offers a gentle and effective way of developing good health, building energy levels and a way to develop mind-body co-ordination and mindfulness. The movements can be practiced by people of all ages, abilities and experience. A personal program of Taiji Qigong, relaxation and meditation techniques, will be designed to suit the needs, ability and special interest of the client. A system of Taiji Qigong exercises is taught, to help the client improve health and develop their energy levels. The session there will be a mix of standing and sitting, physical movement and meditation. The client will be supported to develop a practice at home. Developing a regular practice can help the client to gain more benefits from this skill. Handouts and other teaching aids will be available. See also

Susanne Lin Jensen

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