Psyllium and Slippery Elm Powder

A herbal food supplement to support the gastrointestinal tract

A herbal food supplement containing psyllium husks to support healthy bowels and elimination and powdered slippery elm bark to support healthy digestion and stomach acidity.


Psyllium husks (Plantago ovata) 50%
Slippery elm bark (Ulmus fulva) 50%


Take 1 teaspoon at bedtime, or as directed.  Mix 1 teaspoon into a paste with a little cold water, add hot milk or water to make 1 cupful, and flavour to taste.

Drink a full glass of water afterwards.

Add to BagPsyllium & Slippery Elm Blend Powder 500g £45.50
Add to BagPsyllium & Slippery Elm Blend Powder 100g £12.50

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