Bespoke Man Food-Grown Fertility 60 capsules

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Supercharge your fertility, with our blend of nutrients that help to improve sperm quality and quantity. Also promotes healthy testosterone levels for great libido, energy and mood.

  • Contains Zinc and Selenium to support your sexual health & fertility. Known to improve sperm quality and quantity, which are all vital for conception.
  • Contains Zinc to optimise hormones and testosterone levels required for healthy muscles, and sperm production.
  • Contains Vitamin B6 for healthy male hormone balance to promote good mood and energy.
  • Contains antioxidants to strengthen the immune system and protect sperm from oxidative damage when exposed to stress, environmental toxins and alcohol.

A trust kept since 1860

Napiers the Herbalists was founded by Duncan Napier, a Victorian botanist and the most famous herbalist in Scotland.