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Pascale qualified in 1996 with an ITEC diploma in Anatomy and Physiology and Body Massage.

Her tutor at The Churchill Centre in London, Ken Holme, taught her to relax her hands and to let them travel and learn on the journey of touch therapy. He showed her how touch flows beyond our layers of skin to reach us on all levels - physical and emotional. As a result, Pascale became a great believer in the positive effects that massage delivers.

20 years of experience in complementary therapies have taken Pascale on an exciting learning journey, working with hundreds of clients in many different cultures. She has worked with all ages and with many different healing processes. Pascale's passion for her work has only grown over time as she has developed and refined the skills in massage therapy which can help us all, from young to old. Pascale constantly continues to develop her skills through her clients, her peers, and extensive training and her passion for her work and the support she can give to others gives her great joy and fulfillment.

Learning Dr Vodder’s Manual Lymph Drainage technique took Pascale's touch style to a new level in 2002, enabling her to reach out further and help her clients in a new way. Learning Hot Stone Massage techniques in 2008 gave her an additional helping hand – either as a dedicated full body treatment or integrated into her other treatments.

Another highlight in Pascale's career has been meeting the inspiring Gayle MacDonald in 2010 on her ‘Massage for People Living with Cancer’ course in Scotland. Pascale regularly works with cancer patients as well as people in remission. You can find more information about massage and cancer care here.

Pascale's touch has developed into her own personal and authentic style through all she has learnt and experienced, which she adapts for her different clients in personalised massage treatments.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

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