Ovulation Home Test Kit

5 easy to use tests to help you predict and plan ovulation if you are trying to manage your cycle or become pregnant

The test is a rapid qualitative assay that detects Human Luteinizing (LH) hormone in your urine. This helps you to plan 'ovulation day', increasing the chance of conception.


It is useful to identify the fertile days in order to have more chances of getting pregnant in less time.


During the menstrual cycle there are some hormones responsible for a series of modifications of the woman reproductive apparate. The presence of those hormones determines the alternative of fertile days and non fertile days. Only during the fertile days is possible to have the fecondation. The Luteinizing hormone (LH) is a glycoprotein produced by the anterior pituary in response to luteinizing releasing hormone (LH-RH) secreted by the hypothalamus. In women the LH and FSH (follicule stimulating hormone) are subject to the complex ovulation cycle. The increase and release of LH leads to ovulation in the next 24-40 hours.


The Test works by showing the concentration of LH in the urine as normal or above the normal value (30 mIU/mL).

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