Napiers Pamper Package 

Give your body the nourishing it needs!

Napiers Pamper Package will leave you feeling invigorated and cleansed from inside out, in just one weekend! Our pack contains an Anti- Hangover Soothing Mask from belif and our very own Weekend Off Vintage Gift Set

belif Anti- Hangover Soothing Mask

This gel-mask instantly soothes skin leaving it feeling refreshed. Formulated with Chamomile, it calms sensitive or flushed skin, creating a smooth and hydrating protective layer. It contains no artificial colours, synthetic preservatives or animal derived ingredients.

Gently apply to the entire face after toning for an extra cooling treatment leave in the refrigerator  for 5 minutes. This will help reduce puffiness of the skin.   

Weekend Off Vintage Gift Set 

Napiers Weekend Off Vintage Detox has enough Detox formula to last the weekend (makes 5 litres) and Epsom Salt for a wind down bath on Sunday night. Regular light fasting has proven health benefits.

Get one for each of the girls, hire a movie and break out the massage oil too. Make a healthy detox weekend a permanent fixture. 

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